The Hideho, as we respectfully called it, was Mr. Van Bergen’s covered wagon that often came past my family home. Children and tourists were invited for a ride while Mr. Van Bergen always sang the same ditty, ‘Hey hideho, hey hideho, and on we go…’
After another interminably boring winter seeing the same inbred mugs day in day out, his song never failed to revive my spirits. Our little village would steadily fill up with a crowd of forest buffs, all residing at the local campsites or at the antiquated cottage park across the road. Their arrival was like a breath of fresh air, giving me something to look forward to, and had me wondering what the summer had in store for me.

Elma Alkema – ‘Scriptie Scrofuleus’

The Hideho
pastel and pencil on paper, 18,1" x 7,9"
(46  x 20 cm)

  © 2016 Elma Alkema